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Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” or Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”

Hyperspaces does not run on more recent versions of Mac OS X, and is no longer supported

Hyperspaces works with Apple’s Spaces to let you customize each Space so that it’s recognisably different from the others. It does this through a set of great visual decorations:

Space image preferences

Dazzling pictures

Your desktop is unique — why shouldn’t each Space be unique as well? Set a custom desktop image for each of your Spaces and watch as the pictures fade into each other when switching Spaces.

Space color preferences

Brilliant colors

If pictures aren’t your taste, you can also use colors to tint the desktop of each Space. With a wide range of blending options, you can create stunning variations using a single desktop image.

Space switcher

Change Spaces visually

The Space Switcher lets you quickly and efficiently switch to any of your Spaces. It shows you a vibrant, clear view of the customisations you’ve made, aiding you to get where you’re going quickly.

Space menu

Name your Space

Hyperspaces lets you put a name to every Space. This name is shown in the menubar, the Space Switcher and (if you’d like) on your desktop.

Label your desktop

Once you’ve set a name for your Space, why not make it as clear as possible? Hyperspaces lets you put the current Space name on your desktop in a font and color of your choosing.

Hotkeys for everything

Hyperspaces has a dazzling array of hotkeys that you can bend to your every need. Ever wanted to hide your desktop icons with a single keystroke? How about jumping back to the Space you just left? Adding or removing Spaces on the fly? All of these and more are possible when using Hyperspaces!

Some of the hotkeys available

  • Add or remove rows and columns of Spaces
  • Show or hide the desktop icons
  • Switch to the next or previous Space
  • Quickly switch back to the Space you just came from
  • Switch to a Space in any direction from the one you’re on — and wrap around when you hit an edge!